So i was told by the embassy that i needed to get vaccinated before i got to Vietnam. 

to get vaccinated there are only 3 places. Dongdaemun, but its booked till Sept 20th. consider i leave the 1st, thats out of the list

incheon, fuck that its like 2 hrs away

or bundang. 1.5 hrs away from my house.

So, I went to bundang last night and just did work at a coffee shop till 8am. 

got to the hospital told them i’m here for vaccinations, they told me to go to the basement and pay 27,000won for a stamp. ugh, fine okay. waited 1 hr. finally came back to the vaccination place and then they told me i had to wait. fine. waiting. 2 hrs. 

Finally get to go see the dr. he’s like where are you going, i explain, hes like you dont need any vaccinations, just malaria pills. have a good day.

um. that was 2 seconds? the korean website and embassay said i needed vaccinations. he says oh the website is wrong but thank you for making an appointment. i was like wtf just happened and the nurse pushes me out of the room and takes me to go pay. wtf am i suppose to pay for? him tell me that their website was wrong and i just wasted SOOOO MUCH fucking time?

they were like, but you made an appointment. BECAUSE THE WEBSITE TOLD ME I HAD TO GET A VACCINE FOR THIS SHIT.  

I have to pay 148,000 won because your website is wrong? 


and he gave me 9 pills for malaria. 

i just paid 148,000 for 9 pills of malaria. 

i am so pissed off. 

on top of that fucking loan shit is still killing me.

the 3 grand that I had saved up for this trip is now been reduced to 400.

so. yeah. i am most definitely going to die. 

You and me both

You and me both




Kim and Kanye need to chill

Thank god azealia escaped, I need to listen to bwet

Exclusive footage of Kim and Kanye trying ti kill Azealia Banks.

stupid ass iggy just standing there and not even helping. rude as f




Kim and Kanye need to chill

Thank god azealia escaped, I need to listen to bwet

Exclusive footage of Kim and Kanye trying ti kill Azealia Banks.

stupid ass iggy just standing there and not even helping. rude as f

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FKA Twigs | Two Weeks

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"Because we seek virtue, We suffer.
Tis the flaw of life"

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Ugh. A constant feeling.

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Anonymous said: Hi~~ Thank you for sharing your experiences in Korea! I appreciate the realistic insight amongst the hallyu wave growing stronger each day. I've been browsing plenty of blogs covering a variety of foreigners in Korea but it seems it ranges (excuse the generality) from black or white variations. Are there any others who may land in between? Or do they just blend in possibly with South East Asians? What are the views on those who look tan?


Hey anon. I’m not sure what you are asking me exactly. Are you asking if I follow any non black or white bloggers in Korea? I know I follow a few Latina/o  folks living here, and some from South East Asia as well as Asian Americans, but I can’t remember everyone because I follow a lot of blogs. I’ll let the readers promote their blogs for you to follow. 

Anon, how does one look tan? If they are tan, aren’t they tan? Are you asking me what is a Korean’s view towards a person of darker skin but not black? If so….

I don’t really know how to answer that. 

Anyhow, here are some non black or white people blogs







This was such a weird ask 😐

so, when i’m doing an all nighter at work, dumbass usually skypes me and we dont even talk. i just watch him study as he watches me  do experiments and write. so its kinda like were studying together. but its become so normal like it he forgets that i’m still on skype.

last night around 2 am he just got up and walked away, and 10 mins later came back after his shower, and just sat on his bed, with a towel wrapped around. 

and i’m clearly not doing my work at this moment or even saying anything. then he changes and i saw his dingdong and booty. uffff. 

2 mins later, he goes to bed and texts me goodnight. and i’m sitting here @@. he has no idea skype is still on. hahahahahahahahhahah. 

he woke up 4 hrs later and came on the computer and was liKE WTF SKYPE WAS ON? WE HAVE BEEN SKYPING FOR 9 HRS!? hahahahah 

relationship goals. 

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I hope you know,
you bring out a side of me
a side, that I make quite the effort to suppress.

This romantic aloof being,
who has the inability to keep his mouth shut

I find myself conversing monologues
one sided conversations
trying to understand these feelings of attachment and love

I find myself falling more in love with you
and…. I may not show it very well…
But know this my dear, you have infected my consciousness..
in the most wonderful of ways.


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Anonymous said: Was "Africa" allowed into JR Pub over the weekend? (Oh wait, you'll probably acting like you dont know about THAT controversy!)

anon…i really dont know what JR pub is? and I was doing my own thing over the weekend. and was at work from saturday-monday night. so…. maybe i missed out? 

but…. since you know, TELL ME!

god damn it talkinboutstuffseoul lindai-in-seoul i woke up singing this stupid ass song. 

yalll are such fucktards. my god. 

Omg they dead

Omg they dead

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Anonymous said: i liked his blog he was funny is he okay

He’s fine anon, and happy! So dont worry

And how the f is he gonna get anons on my damn blog when i dont even get any. God damn africa.




John F. Kennedy on civil rights

And you wonder why he was shot


Why are officials so afraid to speak about the injustices of today.

I have felt more free out of America than when I lived there.

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