Foreigner in Seoul. working my ass off for some reason, getting paid shit, and partying it up.

lets be friends and shit as long as you ain't cray crayyyy

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how the fuck are you anons gonna tell a 20 year old to go prostitute her body to make extra cash.


i need to walk away from the computer.

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You need to calm the fuck down. Your life isn't worse than anyone else's. You're just making it seem that way. You're a fucking college student in Korea - that's already a fucking breeze and 10x easier than working at a hagwon (trust me, I've done both). If you don't have money to survive here then just go home or start working more instead of crying on tumblr. Find some friends to tutor for cash. Bake macaroons and sell them. Walk some fucking dogs. Stop crying and belittling others. Good luck.


Um, you calm down. Studying in Korea is not easy, like you would know. So you too got your entire first undergraduate degree completely self financed and spent over a year learning the language too? Piss off. You are clearly not one of my followers and don’t know anything about me or what i have been through.

Dog walking is not a part-time job here, tutoring is illegal, and there are no ovens in Korea for baking so clearly you are a retard. These are not the kind of jobs i can do in Korea because they aren’t part of the society. Dog walkers and bake sales, babysitting etc. let alone legal.

I will not be putting my life and education i have worked so hard to achieve up until the point at risk of being lost just to make some quick cash prostituting or tutoring illegally.

Working at a hagwon is hard! I get that, Sure. but its a stable job that doesn’t require you to go to bed late, pay 20bucks for a taxi home every night or fill yourself with poison just so you cam please others. (That plus public transportation fare amounts to about 120 bucks a week spent only on transportation)
They pay for your housing too and give you stipend in top of it? You look for cheap housing so you can keep the extra remaining housing expenses? Good for you! Puhlease. Not matter how annoying kids or your coworkers are you should be thankful you have got stability in your life and already your education under your belt to get that kind of job. You can pay back your student loans or save up for masters programs. Having a degree already makes you automatically a credible person. Some hagwon workers don’t even work the full day and can wander around, study or take another part-time camp job.

Me? Got none of that. I cant afford to study in the states. No credit for loans. And family doesn’t help me one bit. I didn’t even get anything for my birthday or christmas for my parents because our whole family is poor. I have borrowed money from my grandparents but thats just like a student loan which i will be paying back later. Just because of that doesn’t mean i am not allowed to strive for big goals and dreams!

I made it this far, i can’t give up now. People are depending on me and counting on me to pull through and make something of myself. Not only that but of i returned to the states i would be homeless too and even less likely to be able to get a credible degree so whatever money i save is for tuition over a plane ticket. Priorities.

I can be envious of whoever i want and complain all i want because this is my tumblr not yours so if you don’t like it, WALK.

Im at snu. The only foreigner in the program. Everything is in korean. Books ppt lectures. I have a 4.1 out of 4.2 gpa. My major is neuropharmacology.

School in korea is a joke. I’ve paid for it all by myself (except last semester fuckface took it upon himself to pay).

I’ve been tutoring illegally.made a porn blog for extra cash. Going on dates for food or eating everyother day. Havent bought clothes in 2 years. Sleeping on the floor or coffee shops. Barely existing in comparison to others.

All im gonna say is u gotta do what u gotta do .

Yeah complaining helps lessen the stress but being on tumblr does not help at all.

No one really gives a fuck what any of us do for money. Make ur what u gotta and let the haters hate.

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A true magical experience