Foreigner in Seoul. working my ass off for some reason, getting paid shit, and partying it up.

lets be friends and shit as long as you ain't cray crayyyy

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hello-mint-deactivated20140405 yesterday.

souayaj mine was growing into my jaw.
So he couldn’t yank it out. So he had to cut it into peices. And I have stitches everywhere

Is it normal that the voids in my mouth are still squrting out blood???

And the voids dont ache. My entire jaw does???

I shouldn’t of taken drugs on an empty stomach.

I wanna go home.

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In my uni the older guys told me that it is a right of passage to watch your friend have sex with a girl. so when we'd all get drunk, we would sneak into our friends rooms to watch them have sex.
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do korean guys like arms? i have arms and i'm worried about whether or not they will find me attractive. i have legs too. is that a problem?
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This is the best message I’ve ever been sent.

Oh my god


I have to stay all night today and catch up on everything.

But my face hurts. And I wanna go home and sleep


Last and final post about the meetup

Location: Monkey Beach, Apgujeong Station (Exit 5 or 6) for drinks

*possibly moving to a different location later

When: This Saturday, April 26

Time: 10-10:30 pm until ~~~

15,000won bucket cocktails

* lesbisouspourseoul- Monkey Beach gives a free…


I saw the Ugly Shirt’s sister on Sunday….. 

Oh god it’s starting again

Just got 3 molars removed.

My face hurts.
My bank account hurts.

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Most annoying things about Koreans? Plus can you show us a video of your life there? Plzzz :p
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How they always just seem to sneeze directly onto your face.

And not say sorry.


Sorry broski hating getting pamphlets and speeches about burning hell is different than hating a whole group of people.

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What never fails to turn you on?
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I hooked up with a korean guy on Sat. and i dont think he knew how to finger a girl properly. he put his fingers in my butt. @_@ and said you're so wet.
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i have been laughing for 10 minutes. you poor girl

LMAO omg. 

Damn ajjummas always telling me imma burn in helll. #wtf #whoisu #korea #korea #seoul I’m just tryna to ride the subway ain’t trying to learn how I’m gonna perish in the burning hell

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This girl who lives in korea said that korean guys don't like Hispanic girls is that true ?
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Depends where in Korea she at? If she’s in some bufu town 200km away from civilization people be judge wudgy as fuck not because of discrimination because they just don’t know any better.