Foreigner in Seoul. working my ass off for some reason, getting paid shit, and partying it up.

lets be friends and shit as long as you ain't cray crayyyy

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flight changed
part one of loan shit taken care of. 
now reading the protocol how to induce differentiation in neurons…….cuz i haven’t done it in forever. and intern has a like a billion questions.

also.. probably gonna stay all night to finish experiments.

was there anything else? i dont remember  T.T

thailand is in southEAST asia not south asia :) south asia would be india, pakistan

I love how u didn’t even bother to help but made the effort to correct me.

Ur a dick anon

Ughhhhh so many things to do today.
Fix flight
Mail shit home
Start new experiment
Read journal and prepare for tomorrows ppts
Go to the dr get medication
Embassy for visa
Find a lender to consolidate student loans

Uhhh this is gonna be a long ass day
Everything sounds so adultly I dont wanna do any of ittttttttt

damn you dyslexia

before he was like oh i’m gonna get there on the 14th. but today he sent me his ticket. and said he’ll get there on the 13th. and then i read his ticket  and then i booked my ticket for the 14th. 

shitttttttt. this is a mess. been on hold with the airline for an hr.  and he’s freaking out because he’s never been to an south asian country and thinks hes going to die too.